Welcome to the Knot Room!


So happy you've arrived! I'm Staceyjoy, your Mistress of Ceremonies, and the vaguely humble animatrix of the toys on display here. Would you care for a glass of champagne, or some fresh raspberries and cream? The entertainment is just about to start, and I've saved a front row seat on that dark green velvet davenport just for you. Oh, go ahead and move that chihuahua. Featured exclusively at the Knot Room are animations made with Lloyd Burchills' brilliant application Knot. I will be considering submissions from time to time, so if you are a devotee of Knot, and wish to show your work in this venue, please peruse the Submission Guidelines.

And now, Let's Begin...

Quicktime Gallery

NEW: Emotional Animated Knots, writhing to an incredible Leid sung by Leontyne Price.
Screened at the first DFILM Digital Film Festival: Amend 7.9 MB

No Knots in this one. Not as scary as you might think: SNAKE EGGS 2.4 MB

The symbolic number 5 : BLUE STAR 1.5 MB

A rotoscoped, hypnotic beribboned knot: SWIRL ONE 585K

GIF89a Animation Gallery

A classic from the Master, L.B.: SPINFOIL 20k

A bit of this, and a bit of that: A MAGIC PERCENTAGE 113K

An almond-eyed enigma from Brooklyn: TAFFY 100k

Blue vertigo, self-induced: DIZZY 249K X 2

Baby gourd action: PUMPKIN 169k

You figure it out: GLOWWAD 131k

A revolving circus trick: JUMPING THROUGH SQUARES 111k

A small, evolving seed: SEED 129k

If you could see one, it would look like this: DRUMSOLO 575k

Named for an equally amusing small pet: LUNALOOP 218k

Very sharp, don't cut yourself: JEWEL 441k

What happens to everything anyway: IMPLOSION 151k

Your brain on cinnamon: JUMBLE 147k

A sweet exercise demonstrating the old in-out: TWINLOOP 402k

Thank you for coming, and stop by again soon. The display will be growing periodically, showcasing the possibilities of Knot.

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